How to use ADC of robot-Hat

Dear Everyone
I need your support.

I built a PiCrawler kit, and operated sample programs at python correctly . Next, I’d like to add other sensors. I am trying ADC-pins with document of Robot-Hat as reference, but value is always 0 (error is nothing). It is not shown address number ,when tried code “i2cdetect”. Is it correct or not ? Thanks in advance.


It may be that the robot-hat is not working properly. You can reset the robot-hat through the resetmcu command, you need to add the robot-hat reset statement at the beginning of the code.

Although the response was late, I was able to use ADC with the above method.
Thank you very much.

In the meantime, I removed and reattached several times the robot hat to use other job for the Raspberry Pi. After that, it do not sound and eventually smoke came out from the MCU. It looks like breakdown.

I hope to buy new robot-hat.
Are there any net-shop to sale robot-hat in Japan?

Robot hat is only sold on the official website, there is no sales channel in Japan, please click the link to place an order if you need it. We can arrange shipping today.

All right. Thank you.