Trying to get to the docs for Pironman5 but site is down

Does anyone have the build instructions for the OLED and other libraries?

Background - followed the paper instructions and went to which redirected to pironman5.readthedocs .io which redirected to Pironman 5 - NVMe M.2 SSD PCIe Mini PC Case for Raspberry Pi 5 — SunFounder Pironman documentation and that site is down…

On the offshoot it was on github, I found this project GitHub - sunfounder/pironman5: Code for Raspberry Pi 5 case (Pironman5)

is that the correct one?

It’s online now in 3 languages, 20 hours later, on the official website…Sunfounder. Pay attention to pages 5, 6 and 7 in particular. A lot of people complaining that its not working properly, but if the instructions are followed, that would help a lot. (It relates to the Fan, the RGB lights and OLED problems… you are informed from those pages that installation of “Pironman5” is required for things to operate properly… you need an O/S and a web browser installed for this)

1.Yes, the link provided is the code for pironman5.GitHub - sunfounder/pironman5: Code for Raspberry Pi 5 case (Pironman5)
2.That’s right. If you want the RGB, fan, and OLED display to work, you must follow the software services of pironman5.5. Set up Pironman 5 — SunFounder Pironman documentation