Where do i find constants and functions

finaly made it up to the point where i run obstacle avoidance.
while i am able to aceess ultra_sonic_avoid.py and i do understand the flow of the programming as described in the manual i am not clear where i would find functions and parameters in order to edit, such as:

  • back_distance
  • fw.turn(angle)
    so i am curious on hwo to access edit those using putty.

Sorry, I don’t understand which product you are talking about. Could you please describe in detail what product it is, what difficulties you have encountered, and what problems you need to know about?

talking about picar-s.
the manual , after installation of the ultrasonic sensor describes the code of “ultra_sonic_avoid.py”
(e.g. page 49, https://docs.sunfounder.com/_/downloads/picar-s/en/latest/pdf/).
under page 52 of the same it describes some functions and parameters (in bold). But i did not understand on where i would find and or create/modify those and how to access them.

hope this clarifies. its not about the hardware its about orienation within the files on the raspery pi itself.

If you want to modify the code, you can only use it in pi modifications.

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