4WD Hat compatible with Raspi 4 needed

Hi all,
I got a 4WD car kit and realized now on assembly I got the wrong version.
I was going to use the Raspi 4 with camera for a custom project. What I got instead was the car kit for Pi PICO. It says PICO PRO on the board.
Now, all parts of the kit are fine for me otherwise.
Can I buy the 4WD Hat separately? Can you point me to a source? Got this one:

but need that one:

Any other ideas on how to connect the Pi 4 to my existing kit?

regarding the use of the Pico Pi HAT with my Pi 4: Are the GPIO connectors on PICO Pi and Pi 4 equivalent? If so, I should be able to wire up the PICO sockets on the HAT module to the Pi 4´s GPIO connectors. If I then install microPython on my Pi 4 would I be able to read sensors and control motors just the same as when using the Pico? Or is a special driver needed for either platform?

The Raspberry Pi interface and driver are not compatible with pico and cannot be used directly.

Thanks for the answer. Can I get the Picar-4WD HAT separately as a spare part?

We have listed this product separately just for you, if you need it, you can buy it from the link above.

Awesome! I just placed the order.