The fan for picar 4wd HAT

Hi there,
May I ask where I should connect this fan with the Picar 4wd Hat?
The link for my picar kit on amazon:

I searched it online, it looks like this way for Rasberry Pi, but not Sunfounder Picar 4wd Hat. I am afraid of a short-circuit or something, so I want to double check it. Thank you very much!

The picture of this 4wd Hat is shown on the instruction pdf file:

The model number of this fan maybe 3007 with DC 5v

These two pictures show how to connect it with Rasberry Pi, but I do not know how to connect it with Sunfounder 4wd Hat.

It can be connected to the PWM pin of the robot hat, connected to 5V and GND (the positive pole is connected to 5V, and the negative pole is connected to GND)

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Thank you so much! It works now!