Adding extra accessories and modify Picrawler

How can I add a GY-521 ITG/MPU to I2C ? what sensors and modules are compatible and can be added with Picrawler, what other HAT can be used with more potencial and more connections, for example if i want to add the pan tilt camera and has 2 servos, theres no space for other servos, i need to know what is the maximum capacity batteries i can use and if its any product to get for charging the batteries direclty , not taking them out every time needs to be charged, plus taking in and out it started to damage the batteries because its way to tight the the batteries holder

  1. If you need to connect additional servos, you can consider adding i2c-to-pwm modules, such as PCA9685, to control the servos through the i2c interface, of course, you need to add the code, you can refer to the original robot hat code, also through the i2c control PWM
  2. The spider does not require battery capacity, but please use a standard 18650 battery, a single 18650 battery is 3.7V, and a full charge is 4.2V. The PCB on the spider does not have an integrated charging circuit, you can prepare multiple sets of batteries to replace it.

And one last question, can i add gyroscope for self balance when tilt, and where should i connect or if i need something extra, and i have 2 extra motors can anyone give me an idea to use them as diy for picrawler, tomorrow arrives the SunFounder Raspberry Pi Smart Video Robot Car Kit im thinking also to make one robot out of 2, any suggestions please.

This is a good idea, you can get the value through the gyro, converted into the attitude angle of the spider, according to the attitude foot change, and control the coordinates of the four legs of the spider, simply to adjust only the Z-axis coordinates of the four legs.
I2C gyroscope module can be used on the spider, there are reserved i2c interfaces.