Can we have ability of hearing voice to pidog?


I was wondering whether pidog can record our voice. Basically, I am thinking about a speech-to-command application, where I can control the pidog with my voice. Based on the documentation, I don’t think the sound direction detection sensor is capable of returning my voice command to the raspberry pi, so I was wondering what do I need to add to pidog so it can be capable of sending my audio to raspberry pi.

If there is any other easy solution for this application, I would be thankful for you to providing that. Thanks in advance.

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The pidog does not record our voice.

If you want to use your voice to control the pidog to work, we recommend you to use the APP control. Please follow the steps in the tutorial link:

You can command pidog by voice (see picture)

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Thanks a lot for your response!

I mean, there is nothing stopping you from plugging in a tiny USB microphone to record voice :slight_smile:
That would be the easiest solution.

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You are right. I just bought a usb microphone and it works perfect! Thanks!

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