Castomization for Pironman 5

Hello, everyone,
the pironman 5 is great, but it would be the best if it also had the ice tower fan with LEDs and an illuminated power button.
I wanted to ask 2 things:

  1. is it possible to install the fan with LEDs from the pironman 4 on the pironman5 and control the LEDs?
  2. is it possible to install the illuminated power button of the pironman 4 and control the lighting?

1.We currently do not have RGB PWM fans, and we have not found similar fans from other manufacturers either. You may be able to find a “40mm PWM RGB fan 4pin” on online marketplaces.
2.Regarding the power button, it cannot be simply connected directly to the Pironman5. You can try connecting the 5V and GND of the power button from the Pironman4 to the pins reserved for the RGB light expansion on the expansion board, and also set the Raspberry Pi to turn off the GPIO current output when it’s powered off. Alternatively, you can connect the GND to a GPIO and control it through a program. The other two button pins (green wires) can be connected to the Pironman5 Power Switch Conventor, but the terminals may not be compatible, which would require you to modify the PCB interface.

Thanks for the explanation, I had not considered some ‘electrical’ aspects… :joy:

Any further help,please feel free to contact.