GUI Zero and GUI Zero for PiCar-X?

Is it possible to use GUI Zero and GUI Zero for PiCar-X?

Support, gui-zero supports Raspbian OS, gui-zero is a python library that can be installed via the pip tool. Installation - guizero You can use gui-zero’s PushButton and other controls combined with picar-x’s code to program You can control picar-x through the gui interface. For more details, please refer to the official guizero documentation at Overview - guizero

I almost got the code working but not px.forward() and px.backward(). px.forward() work but px.backward() cause one wheel to run forward and other wheel to run backward. There are textboxes next to sliders and I don’t know how to write code so that entering numbers in textboxes cause cause the sliders to move to the number that I entered.

from picarx import Picarx
import time
from guizero import *
px = Picarx()
def slider_changed1(slider_value):
textbox1.value = slider_value
number1 = int(textbox1.value)
def slider_changed2(slider_value):
textbox2.value = slider_value
number2 = int(textbox2.value)
def slider_changed3(slider_value):
textbox3.value = slider_value
number3 = int(textbox3.value)
def slider_changed4(slider_value):
textbox4.value = slider_value
number4 = int(textbox4.value)
if number4 > 0:
elif number4 == 0:
elif number4 < 0:
app = App(“Robot controller”, layout=“grid”)
Text(app, “Steer”, grid=[0,1])
Text(app, “Pan”, grid=[0,3])
Text(app, “Tilt”, grid=[0,5])
Text(app, “Speed”, grid=[0,7])
number1 = Slider(app,start=-60,end=60,grid=[1,1],width=300,command=slider_changed1)
number2 = Slider(app,start=-60,end=60,grid=[1,3],width=300,command=slider_changed2)
number3 = Slider(app,start=-30,end=30,grid=[1,5],width=300,command=slider_changed3)
number4 = Slider(app,start=-100,end=100,grid=[1,7],width=300,command=slider_changed4)
textbox1 = TextBox(app,grid=[2,1])
textbox2 = TextBox(app,grid=[2,3])
textbox3 = TextBox(app,grid=[2,5])
textbox4 = TextBox(app,grid=[2,7])
time. Sleep(1)

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