How can I change epspeak parameters for text_to_speach in python

Does anyone have an example of how to change the parameters for TTS?
The documentation:
(class TTS - text to speech — SunFounder Robot HAT documentation)
/# amp: amplitude, volume
/# speed: speaking speed
/# gap: gap
/# pitch: pitch
def espeak_params(self, amp=None, speed=None, gap=None, pitch=None)

But doesn’t show how to implement this as a function.
Can anyone put up an example?

Note the selection of the espeak speech engine.

from robot_hat import TTS

tts = TTS({'engine':'espeak'})   # create a TTS object

#  "espeak -h"
# Amp should be in 0 to 200
# gap: unit ms
# speed should be in 80 to 260
# pitch should be in 0 to 99
tts.espeak_params(amp=100, speed=200, gap=5, pitch=50)

tts.say('Hello. Nice to meet you.') # speak word
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Fantastic! thank you. I love the Picar!

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