Image Classification example. on PICarX and keeps looping

I set up my Teaching model on my PC using the four photos for A and B models using a Teachable Machine. I downloaded the model to the Raspberry Pi on the PICarX. I changed the file names to match my model. I then ran an Image Classification example on PICarX and the example keeps looping. Please advise, Larry

Don’t understand what you mean by that.
1, Are you using APP control, or Python control.
2, what code example are you executing, what about loop running, please provide code screenshot.
3, What is the state of your cart after executing the code, please provide a video.
You can provide more and more detailed clues to us, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.

I am following the Image Classification Image Classification — SunFounder Pan-tilt HAT Kit documentation
Please review your documentation.
As your example stated: Note
Raspberry Pi may not be able to use the Teachable Machine smoothly. You will need to prepare a PC or laptop equipped with a camera.
So I created the model on my PC.
Then I followed

  1. Unzip the downloaded zip file, you will be able to see the model file and label file, their formats are .tflite and .txt respectively. Use Filezilla Software to copy them to the /home/pi/pan-tilt-hat/models/ directory of the Raspberry Pi.
  2. Modify the two lines of the sample code in this article, and change them to your model and label.
    Then I followed step 6: Re-run the example. It will recognize the objects in your training model.

At this point, the example keeps running and never stops.
Here are the commands:
cd /home/pi/pan-tilt-hat/examples
pi@PiCar-X:~/pan-tilt-hat/examples $ sudo python3
It never stops!!!

1 Class 2 0.984375
1 Class 2 0.984375
1 Class 2 0.984375
1 Class 2 0.984375
1 Class 2 0.98828125
1 Class 2 0.98828125
1 Class 2 0.984375
1 Class 2 0.984375
1 Class 2 0.984375
1 Class 2 0.984375
1 Class 2 0.98828125

This needs some testing, get back to you later.

I don’t quite understand what problem you are experiencing, please describe it in detail, and if you can provide a video or picture of the problem, it would be better.
The script runs in a loop, if you want to stop the script, press Ctrl+C to exit.

How long does it take for the script to run?

The script will keep running if you don’t press Ctrl+C to quit and stop it.
It runs in a loop, the length of which depends on your needs.

So you are saying it never ends.

Yes, if you quit running on your own or lose power, it will keep running the script.