Sunfounder Pan-Tilt HAT controlled by Joystick PS2?

Hi everyone!
Does any of you have an idea if it is possible and how to control the Pan-Tilt Hat with the help of a joystick module (from Starter Kit)? Purchased both through Sunfounder: &
Ideally I would also like to take images by pushing the joystick – but I am fairly new to coding.

Any hint / help is very much appreciated!

Thank you and all the best,

  1. joystick module needs to read the x, y axis of the control through the adc, but the raspberry pi itself does not have ADC chip, you need an external adc chip or module
  2. you can refer to the following raphael-kit kit:
    2.1.9 Joystick — SunFounder Ulimate Raphael Kit for Raspberry Pi documentation