Sunfounder Raspberry PI Pan-Tilt Hat kit missing Pins

HI am watching Paul McWhorter of online My Technology Tutorial on Raspberry PI Tutorial for beginners.
Mr. McWhorter recommended buying your Raspberry PI Pan-Tilt Hat kit. and said in come complete with raspberry PI GPIO pins that can be used for future project
In Lesson 56 the show the main board. It has all the pin on his board. 2.2K have viewed this lesson.
I just ordered one and it only had the center two pins for the pan- tilt servo. I had plan to use this pins for an application using the tack of the camera. I was very disappointed.
I thought it was a an error and have shipped the kit back.
If this is standard, is the a part number to order the board with all the pins?

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Since Paul received a demo that we made in advance, we made some adjustments at the back of the official mass production, which was also our mistake. So we decided that the latest mass production will be exactly the same as the product shown in Paul’s video. Now you can wait for the new mass-production product to hit the shelves and you can place another order and we will let you know. Another solution is that you can buy the existing version and we can send you a replacement board with pins for free.

Thank you for getting back.
It was not inconvenience. It more unexpected.
The kit it absolutely what I wanted to learn with. It had plans to use it for Halloween to have Eyes track (which I already 3D build and programmed for a joystick) with a people that walk buy. That is the reason to the extra GPIO pins.
I returned the original kit to Amazon and asked for replacement, which I now have.
For me to continue with Paul’s lesson (which are the most educational I have seen) I have to use the Kit.
So I have you present kit.
What do you suggest that are my options?

Then please contact us directly at and our customer service staff will arrange to send you a board with a row of pins for you.

Hi Ted, we’re still waiting for your shipping address, please contact us:, thank you.