Issue installing driver for sunfounder nano board

Hello. I have the ‘bionic robot lizard kit’ and I’m following the instructions for MacOS, however I am unable to install the driver for the sunfounder nano board.

At the end of the install, I get the following message:

‘A program tried to load new system extension(s) signed by “Prolific Technology Inc.” that need to be updated by the developer.’

I am on MacOS Sonoma. Is there a workaround for this?


Please record a video of your operation steps to us, or provide operation screenshots.
So that we can analyze and solve the problem.

Hello. I don’t have a video but I do have this screen shot which should explain fully where the issue was hit:

System extensions blocked?

  1. Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner.
  2. Open System Settings
  3. Go to Privacy & Security
  4. Find the Security section
    Note: You may need to unlock the pane before clicking the Allow button. Click the lock icon at the bottom of the pane and enter your administrator password.
  5. Click the Allow button and follow the prompts.