Pi 5 case M3.5*8 screws not long enough

It might only be in my unit but the M3.5*8 screws that are supposed to attach the fans to the case are too short to hold the fan in place.
I have one fan installed with 4 screws. But to do that I had to not use the filter screen between the fan and the case. It is barely held on.
The other fan I could only get 1 screw to, again, barely hold it. No screen on that one either.
I have removed both fans until I find some screws long enough to firmly hold them in place with the screens also.

It’s not you. 1 of the 8 screws that came with my p5 case was too short.

If the screws or any defect moduls happen, please contact us at service@sunfounder.com.We will send you the replacement.

I have tried emailing service@sunfounder.com and my email tells me it can’t find that address.

You can send the issue video here or upolad to google drive and share us the link.

So now we run into more issues.
I don’t have google drive. I also don’t have OneDrive. I am not going to get either of them.
I’m not going to do a video of every little thing that is wrong.
I will send pictures and a description. I am not going to make a video of screws being too short.
If you are unable to send longer screws to secure the fans, let me know. I will find some on my own.
I also have a problem with the cpu cooler fan that I also posted about.
Will you send me a new fan? I have already volunteered to pay for one if necessary.

sure,please contact us at serive@sunfounder.com.We will send the replacement.