Issues with Pironman 5 build

I’ve run into several problems with my Pironman build -

  • the Hat+ i/o extender shorts the power circuit. I removed the Hat+ and booted the raspberry 5 directly and it powered up with no problem.

  • the on/off switch is a nice idea but doesn’t work on my build. Not sure where the problem is - either the switch or the switch extender board.

  • case is a bit of a challenge to assemble. Some of the openings don’t align completely, or at all between the Hat+ and the ‘B’ plastic side. The way the two come together, you have to select between hanging the ‘B’ side on the tabs that extend from the Hat+ or using the screws to attach the plastic side to the frame.

I’ve disassembled the build and need some help in reassembling the case so that it will work. It is presently laying in pieces on my work table and I don’t want to spend any more time trying to fix problems that seem to be beyond my control.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.
1.Is the CPU heatsink too far from the GPIO pins, such that the I/O expansion board cannot be inserted because it is being pushed too tightly?
Could you please provide us with a video of the problem area? This would help us analyze which part is causing the issue or if there is a problem with a particular module that is preventing the assembly.
Having the video would make it easier for us to help diagnose the problem. If it is a hardware issue preventing the assembly, we can send you replacement hardware.
Please record a video of the problematic area and share the video with us. If the video file is too large to send directly, you can upload it to OneDrive and share the link with us, granting us access to view the video. This will allow us to analyze the issue and provide a solution, including sending replacement hardware if needed.

I wasn’t able to create a video but have included photos. As I went step by step, everything seemed to come together as it should, with the exception of the cpu fan. I haven’t tried to start with an SD card. That’s the next step. I’ll let you know in my next email.


Based on the pictures you provided, I don’t see any issues that would prevent the assembly from being completed.
The heatsink does not appear to be obstructing the assembly of the I/O expansion board. I can’t identify any problems from the images you shared.
Could you please take some photos from the angles we suggested and share those with us? That would help us better understand the situation.!s7fd4dc10d7a743c5bfabc2d3d09f30a4?view=all!s280451ddf85c4841a5156b73e6006090?view=all

Latest photos. Having trouble sending the video.


Please contact us at will send you the fan replacement.