PiCar-X Calibrate problems

Calibrate Camera
When pressing the left button the camera pans all the way to the right.
Will only go to the left at 80. The result the camera is a little to the left.
The tilt angle has to be set to 19 to make level.
When doing steering calibration the front wheels do not turn.
Please advise. Larry

1, please make sure your servo adjustments are done well done correctly yet.
Follow the tutorial steps to operate:
First start the Raspberry Pi and execute:
cd /home/pi/picar-x/example
sudo python3 servo_zeroing.py
Attach the servo to the helm, and change the angle of the servo.
Then connect the servo’s wiring to P11, at this point you will see the servo return to zero.
Next use the screws to secure the servo.
Tip: Don’t unplug the servo cable until you have secured it with the servo screws, only unplug it when it is secured.
And so on, will be three servos so back to zero assembly complete, and then go to do servo calibration.
2, the situation you encountered, record a video to us, easy for us to analyze the problem.