Picar-x Raspberry PI5

I wold like to know if there is plan to support Picar-x with Raspberry PI5? My other question is if Raspberry PI5 is HW compatible with Picar-x even if software would not work.

Regards Uroš

The pi 5 can work with picar-x.
It’s just that when pi 5 itself is working, the IC temperature is relatively high, so we need to install a cooling fan, if we install a cooling fan, our robot hat can’t connect GPIO with Raspberry Pi 5, so we are currently working on the robot hat upgrade. Please be patient.
If you remove the cooling fan, it is possible to work with picar-x. But you should also understand that the speaker is just above the Raspberry Pi IC, and the heat from the IC may have an effect on the speaker when the Raspberry Pi is working.

Thank you for quick replay and detailed explanation. I can see where is the problem now and I will wait for hat upgrade

Regards Uroš

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