PICarX Kit with battery and charger

Bought the Picar-X kit with battery and charger, There is a battery in the package but no charger.
The battery connector is not something that can be plugged anywhere except the Robot HAT board (or is it the servo board?). There is no documentation anywhere where it says this board will also charge the battery (that would be a real stretch).
How is the battery supposed to be charged ? A charger has already been paid for but nothing came in the package.
Response time on the support email is at least 24 hours.
Not a great experience (including receiving the package after 17 days).

Our picar-x kit includes a battery and Type-C charging cable, not a charging head.
You need to bring your own charging head, we recommend 5V 3A charging head, or your usual cell phone charging head is also possible.
How to charge the battery?
It’s quite simple. You connect the external Type-C power supply to the Type-C port of robot hat, it will charge the battery immediately and the red indicator light will be on.
When the battery is fully charged, the red light will turn off automatically.
Tip: It is recommended that you turn the picar-x off while charging.

In addition, we apologize for giving you a bad service experience, and we will further improve our service system.

Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if this was the case BUT the main tutorial makes no mention of it. Only by going in to Robot HAT tutorial (which it seems was updated or added recently) this valuable information is available.
I have managed to charge the battery thanks to these instructions!

Yes, we will add this guideline to the online documentation as soon as possible, thank you for your feedback.