Pidog can’t connect to app

I had a Picard x a couple years back but other than that I have not much experience with raspberry pi. I just finished assembly and all the downloads for my new Pidog. Everything seemed to go fine. I followed every step in the docs. I got to the point of trying to connect to the dog but it just times out. I put the auto start command and it still won’t work. The dog responds and sets to default position and all servos are rigid. Not sure how to do this. Any help?

Connection timeout?
1.What version of Raspberry Pi system are you currently using, please let us know so that we can reproduce the problem.
2. When you install all the library code, do you have any error report. If so, please provide us a screenshot of the error.
3. Please check if your network is good. Suggest you reconfigure your raspberry pi with another network and see how it works.
What is the problem with your pidog’s servos?
Download and install the source code on the terminal, execute the script to return the servo to zero, before executing the script, you need to upset the angle of the servo, before connecting the P11, execute the script:
cd ~/pidog/example
sudo python3
At this time you will see the servo is back to zero!
4. How to have problems, please provide more information (problem pictures and videos), so that we can analyze the problem.