Places of soirces for the PiCar-X

All the sources ( the programs and classes an lecated in /user/bin/ … or other.
if my students sould learn to modifice the software ( and to development new classes and parts) … , it would be necessary to have all sources unter /home/pi/xxx.
Have you a makefile oder can you give me an instruction, which all files I have to change to the “home” of pi ?
thanks for yout help!

The default current path of the Raspberry Pi system is /home/pi, where ‘pi’ is the default username. If you have installed the Raspberry Pi system and modified the username, then the current path of your Raspberry Pi system will be /home/user ID, where ‘user ID’ is your username.

When you install our software code, it will be installed in the current path. So after the successful installation, our software code libraries will be located here:

/home/user ID/picar-x
/home/user ID/robot-hat
/home/user ID/vilib

You don’t need to modify the files themselves. You only need to modify the file paths accordingly.