Problems installing vilib (picar-x)

Hello, I want to use the picar-x, I’m installing all the modules,
I got an error after doing sudo python3

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/home/pi/vilib/”, line 10, in
user_name = os.getlogin()
OSError: [Errno 6] No such device or address

What system are you currently using. What is the system version?
Please send us a detailed screenshot of the error when you install all the libraries of your product, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.
Please install all libraries in the order of our tutorial:

I’m using a Raspberry pi 3b, with the Raspberry pi OS (Legacy) A port of Debian Bullseye with security updates and desktop environment, I think its at its latest version since I recently installed it,

I have installed every library before vilib in its correct order, line by line, I just didn’t get one thing,

I understood that i should keep installing the libraries, skipping vilib, i don’t know if my assumption is correct. I haven’t installed the rest of the libraries that go after vilib.

We suggest you reinstall the Raspberry Pi system, and then go to the system terminal to install all the libraries, any library can not be skipped to install Oh, follow the steps in order to install.
Suggest you send us screenshots of all libraries installation process, so that we can analyze the problem.

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Ok, thank you, one thing, before doing that I have to install xrdp and tightvncserver on the Raspberry pi, which is what allows me to connect to the Raspberry pi remotely, since I realizad that having my a mouse, heyboard, display and power suppy connected to the Raspberry pi doesn’t allow for much movement, is there any way I can connect to the Raspberry pi remotely with a different method? and could xrdp and tightvncserver be messing with the installation of the libraries?

You don’t need to install any of this software, and it’s easier to access the Raspberry Pi desktop directly through VNC than through the command line. Once VNC is turned on on the Raspberry Pi side, you can access it through Finder by entering the account password you have set up. Please go to the tutorial:
To enable VNC, you install a VNC® Viewer on your computer and use the remote connection.

Thank You for your help! my picar-x is working now and I love it!

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