Problem with upload library Robot Kit (Sloth)

Hi, i downloand DIY_4-DOF_Robot_Kit_Sloth but is impossible to upload in app Arduino because the error is "one subdirectory is not a valid library " you can help me? tanks

Code can’t be uploaded in Arduino?

  1. What is the version of Arduino IDE you are using, please let us know. Did you select the development board before uploading the code?
  2. Did you follow the tutorial to install Arduino IDE and add the required libraries?
    Install Arduino IDE and Add Libraries — SunFounder DIY 4-DOF Robot Kit 1.0 documentation
  3. What code are you executing? Please give us a full screenshot of the error message if the upload failed.
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hi, attached the image that the forum allows me to insert being a new user


the import library : is the code package of Sloth, it is not possible to import the whole code package directly. So after you import it, it will report an error and the import will not work.
If you want to import a certain library, you have to unzip and then import a certain code file.