Smoking Robot Hats for Picar-X

We have been using multiple PiCar-X kits for months now and today out of nowhere we had two kits seemingly short out and start to smoke. Does anyone know what may have caused this or how we could fix it? I don’t feel comfortable trying to replicate the issue because I do not want to risk damaging the Raspberry Pis.

Please provide a photo, I look to see exactly what burned, and, at that time, there is nothing else different operation?

I could send you a picture but I can’t see any visible damage or burn marks on the boards. One of them no longer controls the motors or the servos but will control show the camera feed and the other board starts the motors running immediately when the car is powered on.

If the motor and servo are not working, see if the ADC is not working as well. Read the tracking module. If it also does not work is this chip replaced: this chip is generally not bad. If bad should be the motor or servo abnormalities caused by the chip burned out.