TS7-PRO Resolution Issue

My resolution is defaulting to 1600x1400 and 4:3 when plugging into Linux raspberry pi and I don’t have options for other resolutions?

No problem in Raspberry PI OS defaults to 1024x600 as it should.

Why is the resolution so high? I’m going to go blind trying to fix it x.x

Thank you!

Our tests have not reproduced this problem, so please let us know what version of Raspberry Pi and system version you are using.

I am using a Raspberry Pi 4b and have tested it with kali linux and parrot os and both come up as 1600x1200 resolution and are locked into that resolution only (4:3)

For kali linux running Pi4, you need to modify the /boot/config.txt file to uncomment dtoverlay=vc4-fkms-v3d.

after reboot, you will be able to select a different resolution.

I made the change you suggested and I was able to display properly; but now I notice a lag on the screen.

I also noticed it is not displaying to a second monitor. When it is, it only shows the rainbow screen on the 2nd monitor. Is there a firmware update that needs to be completed?

I also had a question about the touch screen. What is the purpose of connecting the USB P4 connector to the monitor if the touchscreen USB needs to be plugged in separately anyway?

Try modifying the /boot/config.txt file to uncomment the following entries:

Save and reboot