Zeus Car Android APP Question

I’ve built the Zeus Car, which was a joy. I’ve used the IR remote to move the car around a bit. It responds well. I would like to try the App controller now. I have an older Samsung SM-T350 tablet using Android version 7.1.1 (Nougat) that I installed the Sunfounder Controller on, and the app connects with video and then crashes in about 10 seconds. What would you recommend for the minimum Android OS and resources. Thanks.

Very sorry, Android 7 version system is not compatible, we recommend you to use Android 8.1 and above version system.

I was able to install an Android 13 clone on my RasPad from Emteria that I got off the Raspberry Pi Imager app. Brought up the Google Play app store in the browser, signed in to my Google account, and it will won’t let me install the Sunfounder Controller on the RasPad. Can’t get the app anywhere else that I can find.

It is recommended that you install the SunFounder controller on your phone or tablet, installing the apk on RasPad is a complicated step and prone to errors, resulting in not being able to install it.

You need to search for Android adb install apk keywords on the internet and you will be able to find the right method.

Thank you for your recommendations. It would be far easier for me to just purchase a reasonably priced new Android tablet. Maybe a young, enterprising Sunfounder programmer will create a suite of RPi robotic controlling and programming tools. The future seems rich in robotics.

Thanks for your feedback, we do have apps that can control Raspberry Pi robots, for details, you can follow our Raspberry Pi Robot Kit:
PiCar-X Car Kit, PiCrawler Robot Kit, PiSloth Robot Kit, PiArm Robotic Arm Kit and so on.

I was sincere when I said that building the Zeus car was a joy. I connect with it on a 10 inch Android 12 tablet, and it is just too cool. Thanks for the technological fun.

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