Zeus car will not initialize

After initial build Zeus was inconsistent in terms of initializing. Took many successive resets to get blue lights to come on. Once initialized Zeus worked fine for several weeks. Now it will not initialize at all. On reset the RGB strips simply flash green once and nothing. I hooked up the USB blue cable used for downloading, and went int the IDE serial monitor. I can see that the IR and Ultrasonic functions are working. Just no blue lights or motor function after reset.

Any debugging advice?

It is recommended that you re-upload Zeus_Car.ino to the Arduino board. The file path is: zeus-car-main\Zeus_Car.
After the code file is successfully uploaded, please do not disconnect the USB data cable. Open the serial monitor and check the printed information.
Once the code is successfully uploaded, you need to slide the smaller switch to the right to establish communication between the car and the ESP32 CAM. Then, press the “Reset” button to reboot the code. At this point, you will observe the undercarriage lights transition from orange to light blue.
If possible, please record the process video for us to analyze and solve the problem.

Sorry I took so long to respond.

Your advice worked 100% so thank you for that. The Zeus not only came back to life, it solved the intermittent reset issues we had from day 1.
Thank you again.