Zeuscar with alternative battery pack


Due to technical limitations, I am not allowed to use lithium batteries and would thus like to use an alternative battery pack. I saw this page, where it mentions that the batteries use 5 pin jst connectors with 2 +, 2 -, and 1 middle. I happen to have a set of black eneloop AAs, so am I able to just connect 4 pins (2+,2-) of a an empty jst connector without a middle, or would that cause problems. Also, 6x1.2 NiMH should work well as a replacement, correct?


1.Middle stands for balancing the voltage between two batteries, thus protecting the battery.
So it is recommended to connect both.

2.If you are looking for a better battery pack, please follow our specification.

3.7V 18650 lithium battery, rechargeable. Capacity you can choose by yourself.
It is to connect two batteries in series, but for personal safety, we suggest you don’t do that.

If your battery is faulty and can’t work, we can send you a new battery pack.

Tip: The battery you just received, connected to the robot hat, will not work when you turn on the switch. Because the battery is activated and protected, you need to connect external power to the robot hat’s Type-C port for 2-3 seconds to unprotect the battery. Then it can work normally. (Whenever you disconnect the battery and reconnect the robot hat, you have to release the battery protection)