Replacement battery holder

Hi, I have been having difficulties with my project and have narrowed it down to a faulty battery holder. Would it be possible to get a replacement battery holder (for the PiCar 4WD - 2x 18650)?

Do you have any problems with your battery holder? We suggest that you provide us with a video of the problem so that we can analyze and solve it.
If there is a problem with our battery that causes your robot to not work properly, we will arrange for a new battery holder to be sent to you.

Hi sorry, I was away for a month. Here are some videos of the problem. It was a bit hard to show in the video, but sometimes the RPi powers on and sometimes it does not when the batteries are connected. A slight nudge can cause it to work or not, so it appears to be a problem with the battery holder. Without this, I cannot control the PiCar or use it at all unfortunately.

Unfortunately, as a new user I cannot upload attachments. Is there an email I can send the videos to?

The cheaper battery holders use what looks like brass contacts. Try some emory cloth or fine grit sand paper to clean off oxidation.
Also, some 18650 cell batteries are flat on the positive side and don’t make good contact. Button tops are recommended but can be hard to find good ones.

Pls send the videos to