Accurately move certain distances and/or track position

I built the zeus car, and it seems p good. However, looking at the examples, there is no one for going a set distance besides using lidar or similar to move a set distance from an object in front of it. How could I potentially get the car to be able to orient itself on a empty surface without objects? Does it come with an accelerometer or some other premade examples of odometry? I don’t need that much accuracy, a centimeter or 2 should suffice as long as it doesn’t compound repeatedly. The surface, although flat, will have lines on it, but the robot is unable to cross them so they would have to be viewed at an angle (basically a maze comp where you must always be within said lines). Any solutions?

Edit: having a transmitter somewhere, including the laptop is not allowed. It basically has to do this without being connected to wifi or similar.

Zeus Car is not equipped with a speed module to measure the distance traveled, and the efficiency of movement is different between straight-ahead and side-to-side translation. Simply fixing the motor’s power and delay is not ideal, and there is also the effect of the motor’s start-up and acceleration time, so it is recommended to use an acceleration sensor to measure the speed.