ZeusCar cannot find WiFi

Hi all,
I built a Zeus Car kit and I have a problem with the WiFi network. I loaded the Zeus_car.ino program and no Zeus_car network is available. The LED is light blue and I’m sending a monitor dump. Thanks.

Arduino Car version 1.4.5
ESP32 firmware version 1.3.0
WebServer started on ws://
[CAM_I] camera stream start on:

From the serial port printing information you provided, Zeus Car has already configured the network, you open the WiFi on your phone, did you not find the WiFi of Zeus Car keyword. We suggest you provide us with a video of the problem so that we can analyze and solve the problem.

Or you update the firmware:


  1. ESP32-CAM is plugged into the cart, and the cart is powered on. Note that the trolley needs to have the code for APP control.

  2. Download the latest firmware.

  3. Connect your cell phone or computer to the wifi of ESP32 CAM.

  4. Open the link in browser: http: //

  5. In the OTA page, select the downloaded firmware and click Update.

  6. Wait for the progress to turn to 100% and display Success.

  7. Press the cart reset button.

After the update is complete, you can open again to view the current version number

See if you can access to update the firmware and let us know the result.

Thanks for the reply, but my problem is that I can’t find the Zeus_Car network.

We suggest you record a video of the problem for us to see, so that we can easily analyze and solve the problem.
Judging from the printout you provided earlier, the car is successfully connected to the network, theoretically it can search Zeus Car’s WiFi.
Or you can change the AP mode Zeus_Car.ino to STA mode.
Please see the tutorial link:

Hi, problem solved. The ESP32 CAM module was broken. I buy new module, upgrade firmware to version 1.4.0 and all is okay.

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