Zeus car esp32 camera does not work

Hello All,

I built the Zeus Car Kit and uploded the APP control sketch on the Zeus Car.
And connected WiFi between the Zeus Car and APP on Android and/or iPhone via AP mode.
But it does not display Camera images on APP. I tried also AI detection skecth but i got same result. Only Camera does not work!
Could you please help me solve to Camera doe not work.


  1. Please check whether the camera cable is connected and connected correctly yet. (We recommend you to watch the video clip of assembling the camera part to make sure if it is connected correctly)
    Assembly video link: https://youtu.be/a1xtgDUEvR0?list=PLwWF-ICTWmB62DgzmHWZwilt0Le4vGFry
  2. Open the galaxy-rvr.ino file located in the galaxy-rvr-main\galaxy-rvr directory. Move the switch to the right and click “Upload”.
    Follow the tutorial steps:
    Play Mode — SunFounder GalaxyRVR Kit for Arduino 1.0 documentation
  3. Please check what version of APP you are using.
  4. After the cart is successfully connected to the APP, enter the APP product control page, click the Run button, and see if the screen is displayed.
    If not, please click stop and run again, and then observe the screen status.
  5. Please provide the problem video to us, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.

Thank you so much for your kindly helps.
I tried connect again the camera cable on ESP32 CAM, then the camera started working!
It solved this problem, thank you!

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