Desperatly want SunFounder 10.1 screen to work with Solar-Assistant

I purchased a SunFounder 10’1 RPi kit to connect to my Solar-Assistant Orange Pi 3 LTS. The SunFounder’s HDMI signal light does not turn on. I’ve tested every startup order imaginable. In fact, the OrangePi seems to hang when connected to the SunFounder, and I have to remove the HDMI to get it to work.

However, the SunFounder screen works with my AppleTV test. I assumed it was defective, so I returned it and the new one had the same issue.

The Solar-Assistant device is here: SolarAssistant
The docs say it had full kiosk mode via HDMI: Load SolarAssistant on Raspberry Pi

When I connect the Orange Pi to a regular computer monitor via HDMI, it works fine.
I’ve tried 2 different HDMI cables, and they both work when connecting the OrangePi to the monitor, and they also work when connecting the AppleTV to the SunFounder screen.

I found some articles about reconfiguring HDMI settings on the OrangePi, but I can’t get SSH to work without reinstalling the Solar-Assistant image, which I don’t want to do.

I desperately want this to work. Any help would be appreciated.

We recommend that you record a video of the problem for us. It is easy to analyze and solve the problem.
Solar-Assistant Orange Pi 3 LTS connects to the touch screen, you use an external power supply to power the Orange Pi 3 without powering it through the touch screen to see the working status.
Observe the status of the touch screen and the status of the motherboard and Orange Pi 3.

I was always using an external USB-C power supply to power the Orange Pi. Good to know it’s supposed to work. I’ll record a video.

Because we did not test the Orange Pi 3, but theoretically it is compatible.
Because the Orange Pi 3 LTS is a 5V/3A input and the interface is USB Type C
You can try to work with a better Type-C power cable instead of the Type-C power cable we delivered and see the result of the work.
Video is recommended.