Error installing Home Assistant Add-on

I tried to remove and re-add the add-on due to some other issues. I can add the repository manually, but when I go to run the install I get the following:
The command ‘/bin/bash -o pipefail -c git clone -b V2.0 --depth 1 GitHub - sunfounder/pironman’ returned a non-zero code: 128

I have tried removing the add-on and the repository, rebooting the system and re-adding the add-on with the same result.

Currently our pironman software service has been updated to version 1.0.7, please try downloading and installing it again, and if you encounter any problems, please provide complete screenshots of the errors.
If you encounter problems, please provide a complete screenshot of the error. Explain in detail in which part of the process you have a certain problem, it would be better if you have a step-by-step screenshot, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.