GalxyRVR camera and power

Fully charged battery (2 indicators showing) Upload switch to back (off), Power Switch on, press reset. The battery depletes very quickly and the ESP32 module never wakes up.

Add power to Arduino USB port powers up, connect wifi AP, connect to app, and all controls operate including, propulsion and steering, led lights, sonar, and even the flash light on the ESP32 module.

But I get no picture on the app.

Any ideas how to troubleshoot?


Suggest you can provide the video of the problem to us, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.

  1. The battery is fully charged and works for 90 minutes.

  2. The camera does not work?
    a.Please check whether the wiring of the camera is connected properly and whether the FPC of the camera is connected properly first.
    b.We suggest you re-upload galaxy-rvr.ino code to the UNO board to upload, and then go to connect the APP. to see the working condition.
    How the screen is not displayed, please repeat clicking the run stop button to see if the camera screen can be displayed normally yet.

Did some more testing today.

  1. connected to Arduino IDE and got camera working after switching from AP to ST WIFI Mode.

  2. Battery power issues related to intermittent connections w/in power switch - I have video that shows connection breaking with slight wiggling of the switch.

(not allowed to upload videos - if you can email me I can email them to you. Thank you.

I’m sorry, but there is a size limit for videos uploaded to the forum. Please send the video to an email address

Thank you for the video.

  1. is the battery fully charged yet. If you have a multimeter, you can measure the voltage of the battery.
    Suggest charging the battery for an hour and then go back to start it and see if the same thing happens again yet.
  2. Please make sure that the interface between the Mars Rover expansion board and the UNO version is connected.
  3. Unplug the ESP32 module and see how long the battery works.
    Replace the ESP32 module’s wiring cable and see how it works.