I want to use LCD1602, but during the setup process, I got an error that the detectly does not exist.

I purchased the Da Vinci Kit and have been trying to use the LCD1602 following the guide on page 1.1.7 I2C LCD1602. I wrote and ran the code below, but I get an error that this directory does not exist and cannot proceed.
cd ~/raphael-kit/python/

  1. What version of the system are you currently using.
  2. Did you report any errors when installing the source code? If so, please provide screenshots to us, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.
  3. Which path did you install the source code under, please send us the working path.
  1. If I am correct, you can check version of the system from the screenshot below.(If I wrong, please tell me what code I should use.)
  2. I dont know what "the source code" you mentioned, but probably I dint got any errors when installing ”the source code”.
  3. I have not changed the path to install the code, so I think “the source code” install path is the same as the path in the screenshot below.

Sorry, I understand what you mean by “that source code”. But the error I get when I use “that source code” is the very first one I wrote: “this directory does not exist”.

We recommend that you reinstall your Raspberry Pi system and go back to installing our source code: Download the Code — SunFounder Ulimate Raphael Kit for Raspberry Pi documentation Please follow the link to our tutorial to install the source code: cd ~/git clone GitHub - sunfounder/raphael-kit Reboot your Raspberry Pi after successful installation. Go run the example again: cd ~/raphael-kit/python/sudo python3 1.1.7_Lcd1602.py

Thanks to your advice, I was able to use LCD1602 correctly!

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