Kit robot Raspberry Pi - PiCrawler

bonjour je n’arrive pas a marcher mon robot depuis la mise a jour du rasclaws

Kit robot Raspberry Pi - Pi Crawler

depuis la dernière mise a jour je n’arrive pas a installer et calibrer les servomoteur
sur des Raspberry pi 3ou 4 et impossible de télécharger le
Raspios-buster 2023

Download link for ezblock OS image system:
Microsoft OneDrive F3B82FFCA48B80A2&id=F3B82FFCA48B80A2%212254&parId=F3B82FFCA48B80A2%211537&o=OneUp

Your picrawler is unable to install and calibrate servo motors on a Raspberry pi 3 or 4?
We recommend that you provide us with a video or detailed description of the problem so that we can analyze the solution.
We have not updated picrawler in the near future. Please ask for more information.