Problem with picrawler calibration buttons on ezblock

I bought a sunfounder picrawler with pi 4B and zeroed all the servos, I was on the last step of calibration, using ezblock web and the ezblock app on google play, but couldn’t calibrate the robot since the buttons that move the picrawlers legs on the x,y, and z axis were not moving the legs.

How do I calibrate the Picrawler?

If you return all 12 servos to zero successfully and assembled, it means that the servos are working properly.
Calibrate the servo, itself is to fine-tune the slightly tilted servo angle, if you do not adjust the magnitude, is not visible a big change.
We suggest that you take a video of the state of the calibration spider to us to see if the calibration does not work.

The servos are zeroed but not perfect, so I still need to calibrate the spider, I was connected to the picrawler through ezblock web. Please click on the link to find a video of me trying to calibrate the spider.

as you can see in the video, I am connected properly to the picrawler and it does not calibrate since
the buttons on the menu don’t make the robot move at all, how do I get the buttons to work?

What is your PC version of ezblock studio?

We tested that it works with a single click to calibrate, but the angle range to calibrate the rudder is so small (fine tuning the rudder angle) that it is hard to see the effect if you click it single time.
You try clicking continuously to see if it works.
You can run the forward example to see if the servo is working.
Also the video you provided is a bit blurry and you can’t see the state of the spider.

Thank you for the excellent service, as per your advice, I clicked the button and got the robot to calibrate properly, thank you again.

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