Raspberry Pi-based PiCrawler Restarting During Calibration

Hello everyone!

I recently assembled a Raspberry Pi-based PiCrawler robot, but I’m encountering an issue during calibration. Whenever I try to calibrate its legs, the robot restarts itself. I have ensured all modules are installed correctly and there are no loose connections.

Has anyone else experienced this issue or have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and resolve it?

Thank you in advance for your help!

1.Please confirm if you have zeroed the servos before assembling and fixing them.
If you don’t zero the servos before assembling and fixing them, and then try to calibrate them, the servos may go beyond their limits, causing the Raspberry Pi to restart.
So you need to run the example code in the terminal command line:
cd ~/picrawler/example
sudo python3 servo_zeroing.py
If you run servo_zeroing.py and the servos connected to the robot hat’s P11 pin do not respond, it’s possible that the servos were already zeroed at the factory, so you won’t see any changes when you zero them again.
However, to ensure that each servo is zeroed, you should still run the servo_zeroing.py script to make the adjustment.
Before running the script, the servos need to have the servo discs installed, twist the servos to disturb the angle, then connect them to the P11 pin and run the script:
cd ~/picrawler/example
sudo python3 servo_zeroing.py
You will then see the servos return to the zero point. After the servos are successfully zeroed, follow the assembly instructions to fix the servos. First, fix the servos with screws, then unplug the servo cables and assemble the next servo, and so on until all the servos are assembled.
After the servos are zeroed and assembled, you can then run the calibration example to see the situation.
2.You can also provide us with a problem video, which will help us analyze and solve the problem.

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your suggestions and help! I found out that the issue was caused by the battery I was using. The battery couldn’t provide a stable power supply, causing the Raspberry Pi to restart continuously. I will be getting a new battery with a higher capacity to resolve this issue.

I only read the information about the battery last night, and I initially thought any battery would work.

Thanks for your support!

Regarding battery specification:
3.7 volts
Lithium-ion battery
Top of button
No protection plate
Or you can choose to replace the robot hat with a battery version, currently we are ready to update the PiCrawler which will come with a battery version. You can learn about the assembly foldout:https://github.com/sunfounder/sf-pdf/raw/master/assembly_file/z0102v30-a0000684-picrawler.pdf

Yes, the problem was that the battery was protected, so whenever the servos needed more power, it kept shutting off. Thank you very much for your help. This little robot is very exciting :).