Replacement servo for the PiCrawler

i have an issue with one of the servo’s in my PiCrawler kit. It is not responding.
What servo type can i use as a replacement? I’ve tried to find the specs but been unsuccessful.

I may want to replace the servo’s with all metal gears in the future also.

Do you run the move example and does that servo respond.
If you replace the servo with a new wiring connector, will it work properly.
I hope you can provide us a video of the problem, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.
If the servo is damaged, we can arrange to send you a new servo.

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i’ll see if i can make a video.

What i’ve tried is the on all servo’s but just one is not responding. No big deal.
I would be really helped if i knew which servo i can use as a replacement. I can just get one at my local hardware store and get my PiCrawler up and running

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We are very sorry for the trouble.
We will arrange a replacement servo for you.
Our servos are customized, and there are also servos that are not very easy to find online with the same specifications.
Our after-sales team will contact you through your email later to send you a new servo. Please check your mailbox.

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