Picar-X Replacement Servos with Metal Teeth/Gears

Has anyone been able to find replacement servos that have more metal pieces or are stronger?

Our kids are VERY rough on them and we seem to have to replace one every couple of weeks. I would love to have something a little more sturdy.

The alloy gear servo can be replaced, and the steering wheel should also be replaced at the same time.
Tip: Even if it is a metal gear servo, it is recommended not to drop it on the ground, or it may break the servo gear.

These servos wouldn’t be compatible, would they? There is only one screw hole on the original servo and two on this one.

Indeed, after I asked the technical department to reconfirm, it is not compatible with Picar-x, thank you for your reminder. We also have a servo that is used in PiCrawler (PiCrawler AI Robot kit for Raspberry Pi, Multi-Function Bionic Robots). This is a semi-metal steering gear, which will be more durable. But the steering gear itself is still consumable. If it is not used regularly, it is difficult for me to guarantee that this semi-metallic steering gear will be more durable than your existing steering gear. Let me know if you want to try it and I can arrange to have this product linked separately.

Could you check with the team to see how much of these semi-metal gears are metal? The part that we notice breaking is the camera pan servo. If the teeth part is metal that should help alleviate the issue.

This part of the servo snaps off when students bump into each other or students try to lift them by the camera assembly. In a perfect world, kids wouldn’t pick them up that way but unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

I have also attached a picture of the type of breakage we often see. Thank you so much for responding and attempting to help out!

The servo of our PiCrawler is a 9g semi-copper tooth digital servo, which is more durable than the servo of picar-x products.
It helps to alleviate the easily damaged gear, and the servo gear of PiCrawler has a larger diameter than the servo gear of picar-x, so the problem of gear breakage can be reduced.

I am interested in trying this out! If you could list them on the site separately I will purchase some. Thanks for your help!

Since we do not sell this servo product separately, here is a link to make up the price difference. You can place an order directly for $25, note (2*9g semi-copper tooth digital servo), and the shipping fee is also included in the price. If there is no problem, please place an order.

I’m confused about what you mean by this. Do I need to add 25 of those to my cart? And do I only get two servos for $25? Please advise.

Your understanding is correct, remember to make a note when placing an order.