Picrawler ultrasonic module not working


I got an amazing Picrawler robot from sunfounder, it is excellent but I have some issues.

The spiders ultrasonic module does not sense distance, I did the wiring correctly and have ezblock studio 3.2.21 and ezblock os 1.2.1 but when the picrawler reaches the line in my code for the ultrasonic module, it does nothing because the ultrasonic module does not work, how do I get the ultrasonic module to sense distance?

My ultrasonic module has started working, but my Picrawler can’t play background music or calibrate. Thanks for the support

The current version of ezblock studio is 3.2.137.

Please update the latest version of ezblock studio

  1. Can’t calibrate normally?
    We tested it can be calibrated normally by clicking, but the angle range of calibrating the rudder is very small (fine-tuning the rudder angle), so it is hard to see the effect if you click it single time.
    Try clicking continuously to see if it works.
    You go to run the forward example to see if the servo is working.
  2. Can’t play sound?
    When you start the robot, do you hear a loud sound?
    You run a few more examples with sound, to see if the sound can be normal.
  3. if the above methods do not solve the problem, please provide a video of the problem, so that we can analyze the problem.

Thank you. My picrawler has been calibrated as I needed to press the calibration buttons very much in order to calibrate it, the background music problem is bieng solved on a another topic on this website, appreciate the help

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