Picrawler not running block example code from ezblock web

when i press the play button on example code sunfounder provided on ezblock for web, my picrawler dosen’t run it, besides one program (the most basic one - move) my picrawler does not run example code, it is on, connected and fully charged but does not run the code

how do I run the example code?

Are you using python control or ezblock studio control?
For python control: you need to install the Raspberry Pi system, install and download the source code on the system terminal, and follow the tutorial at
If you are ezblockstudio controlled:
Please follow the ezblock OS we specified:
To install and download the App:
Open App Store ( iOS ) or Play Store ( Android ), then search and download EzBlock Studio.
PC access to ezblock studio:

Thank you for the support, it turned out that my Picrawler had other problems I have posted on this forum, such as it not bieng able to run its ultrasonic module and play background music, and since these two features are used in example code, the picrawler couldn’t run them. Appreciate your service.

1、No sound when ezblock studio plays background music?
When you start the robot, do you hear a loud sound?
You can run a few more examples with sound to see if the sound can be made normally.
2、The ultrasonic sensor is not working?
The sensor does not work, whether there is an error message, if so, please provide a screenshot of the error report.
Wiring is correct, wiring pins to be consistent with the block programming code pins.
3、If the above methods do not solve the problem, please provide a video of the problem, so that we can analyze and solve the problem.

Thanks for the support, My ultrasonic module has started working, and my background music problem is being taken care of in another topic I created, please refer to that topic to answer my questions. Appreciate your help

Did not understand what you mean, your ultrasonic sensor and background music are now working properly?
If there are other problems, please provide a detailed description, or a video of the problem.

there are no problems with the product now, thanks for the help

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