Camera not working for picrawler

I bought a picrawler robot and connected the ffc cable properly, used the proper code, yet the camera does not show anything when it is used, instead on firefox it shows this


and wont work on chrome as well

how do i get the camera to start?

1、Please make sure that the version of ezblock studio on your PC is and the version of ezblock OS is 1.2.1?

2、Does your SD only install ezblock OS system? You cannot install and download the source code on ezblock OS.
If you want to use python control, you have to prepare an SD card to install Raspberry Pi system and install and download the source code on the system terminal.
You cannot mix one SD card.
3、Running the sample about the camera, it does not work properly, does it have an error message?

4、You visit the connection spider on Google Chrome, run the example about the camera and show the screen to us.
5、Please provide your camera wiring diagram to show us. (As shown in the picture)

Thank you very much for the support, It turned out that my wiring was not done correctly, the camera works excellently now.

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