Picrawler background music not playing


I bought a picrawler, and it was a great robot, It has incredible features and abilities, but even after setting the volume and the music I want to play on ezblock studio, the picrawler does not play anything when it reaches the background music command

I have ezblock OS 1.2.1, and use ezblock studio 3.2.21

how do I get it to play background music?

  1. Are you using mobile ezblock studio (if mobile, is your device android or iOS?) or PC ezblock studio? or ezblock studio for PC?
  2. We have updated version of ezblock studio, please follow the latest version to use it.
  3. Please check whether the robot hat has a speaker, and whether you hear a loud sound after starting the robot?
  4. Please provide the video of the problem.
  1. I am using ezblock studio for PC
  2. I am using the latest version 3.2.137,
  3. my robot has a speaker that CAN perform text to speech but CAN NOT play background music or sound effects. I don’t hear any loud sound after starting the robot, I just hear the zi- sound that you hear when the raspberry pi has booted up
  4. here is a video

as you can see in the video, the Picrawler does not make any sound when I give it the command to play background music. How do I get it to play background music and sound effects?

The background music program should not be put in a loop, because background music has a playing time, if you put it in a loop, it will start to loop infinitely, the sound is not made, it has already looped.

Program it according to the picture we provide. You can also add repeat execution conditions:

Thank you for the suggestion, however it didn’t work, I tried both of the sets of code you provided but the picrawler does nothing when given the command, and won’t run code after the command either.
How do I get the Picrawler to play background music?

Please watch our video, you start successfully and listen to it, there is a loud sound coming out.
If there is no loud sound after you start, maybe the speaker of the robot hat is broken, check whether the speaker interface is connected properly.
If the speaker is damaged, we will resend you a new robot hat.

Thank you, my speaker is connected properly but I do not hear the loud sound when I start the robot, I think my robot hat does not work, please arrange for the sending of a new one and let me know what shipping information you need. Thanks.

Please contact our customer service after-sales team at service@sunfounder.com and they will arrange for a replacement part to be sent to you.

thank you, the part came around 2 months ago, the picrawler works excellently, your customer service is excellent

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