Raspberry Pi Robot Kit (PiCrawler) for Expert....no sound

Finished putting the PiCrawler together last week. It was a fun build.
It’s an excellent kit with excellent instructions… It’s all metal and very well designed.

Everything works fine except I can’t get any sound from it.

I have reformatted the SD card and reinstalled the Raspberry PI OS Legacy several times. Then reinstall all the modules.

Reinstalled the below module multiple times as instructed to with no luck.
cd /home/pi/picrawler
sudo bash i2samp.sh

I’d appreciate any help to find a solution to correct the problem.


I’m not sure whether this will help or not. Also it is in connection with the Picar-X but I bet there’s a lot of similarity software-wise. My query was that my Picar-X would not play music or sounds and this was the reply (clipped from an email)…

  1. There is an error in the API example of robot_hat, it should be modified as shown in the figure
  2. If you are using a buzzer without an amplifier circuit, you need to use it with a triode. You can refer to the following course: https://docs.sunfounder.com/projects/davinci-kit/en/latest/1.2.1_active_buzzer .html
  3. Note that to play music, you need to use sudo to run the program before there will be sound. In VNC, you need to run sudo killall pulseaudio before there will be sound.


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 Thank you for the possible solution I appreciate it but unfortunately I still can't get any sound for the Crawler.  Tried modifying one of the sound examples adding the "PWM" to the code but no luck.

Hopefully Sunfounder will come up with something.

Thanks again,

According to the analysis, the robot hat may be damaged. I will arrange for customer service to contact you and reissue a robot hat for you.


 Thank you.   I'll wait to hear from customer service.



 Been over a week and haven't heard anything from customer service.  Is there some way I can contact them?  Or wait a couple more days to hear from them.

Thank you,

I checked that you have been contacted by our customer service team on 2.27th, please check your email again or check the spam mailbox.

I checked all my email boxes and i cannot find any emails from sunfounder customer service.

Is it possible for them to send another email to me?

I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thank you,

We have just sent you an email again, please check it out.


Yes I got the email this time. Thank you so much!

Just a quick question. When I install the new robot hat will I need to do the calibration again?

John Williams

Due to possible deviations during PiCrawler installation or limitations of the servos themselves, the angle of some servos may be slightly skewed, so you can calibrate them.
Of course, you can skip this chapter if you think the assembly is perfect and you don’t need to calibrate it.
However, for you to have a better experience, it is still recommended that you calibrate the spider.

Ok, thank you for the advice.
I’ll report back after I receive the new robot hat.

Thanks again,

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I’d like to thank SunFounder for their excellent customer service!

I received the new Robo Hat with in a couple weeks and just finished installing it.

It is working perfectly! The sound is now operating as it should.

Also, no recalibration of any of the servos was required.

Again thank you SunFounder.

The PiCrawler is awesome.


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Hi John, we’re so happy you’re satisfied with our products and services, nothing makes us happier than customers’ praise. Please accept my sincere thanks once again.

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