Calibration of the Sunfounder Pi Crawler

Hello everyone, does any of you know how to get the arms of the Sunfounder Pi Crawler properly calibrated ? I followed all the installation steps, but 2 arms are impossible to calibrate with me.

It could be that your servo is not fully zeroed.
run cd /home/pi/picrawler/examples
sudo python3
Next, mess up the angle of the servo and plug the servo cable into the P11 port,
At this point you will see the servo arm rotate to a specific position (0°).
After the servo has been zeroed, proceed with installation following the instructions on the assembly leaflet.

Pay attention to the angle of each part of the assembled spider feet: 45°, 90°, 90°
Remember that after the assembly angle is controlled, first fix the servo with screws, then unplug the servo cable, and then assemble the next servo, and so on to complete the remaining servos.
Once assembled, it’s time to calibrate the spider.
Execute the calibration command:
cd /home/pi/picrawler/examples/calibration
sudo python3
Having trouble calibrating 2 arms?
Please provide us with the video of the problem, so that we can help you solve the problem more effectively.