No Audio on HDMI on Retropie

When I installed the pironman software, it broke the audio on my retropie installation, The Pironman software did not effect the audio on my raspberry pi install. Is there some setting that I need to change?

Sorry, didn’t quite understand what you meant. What you mean is that after installing our pironman service, playing the audio that already exists on your retropie system is not playing the vocal. We are testing and analyzing.

Yes, that is what happened to me, I had a working retropie installation, then added the pironman software via the commands on the SunFounder website, then the audio device was not working, no sound on anything. I did find a workaround, I started with a fresh installation of Raspian and then loaded RetroPie on top of that image, with that, everything is now working including the audio. Thanks!

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  1. Please modify the /boot/config.txt file and change dtparam=audio=off to dtparam=audio=on
  2. We have fixed this error in the file of Pironman.

I did exactly what you recommended with a new flash of Retropie Software and Now I have sound! Thank You for your help! The “dtparam=audio=on” instead of “dtparam=audio=off” fixed the problem! It’s kind of odd that was not necessary on the Raspbian build. Anyway, thanks again!

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