PiArm - Two Side Motors Somehow Tightened After Running Example Python Code

Dear Sunfounder Supports,

I hope you are doing well.

I completed installing the physical part of PiArm and now proceeded to control it by running the code in either EzBlock or Python. Regarding EzBlock, I could connect to PiArm and successfully run the sound example but always failed to run any other example codes (e.g. move different parts of PiArm, control the hanger in the front). Similarly, regarding Python, I could remotely control the Raspberry Pi and run some example codes. Still, as I mentioned in the title, the two side motors somehow got tightened after running the code. Consequently, the parts (e.g. alpha and beta) controlled by the two side motors could not move at all. (The bottom motor, which controls gama, works fine).

I tried troubleshooting it with a few hardware and software approaches, but unfortunately, none worked. Do you have any suggestions on what might go wrong? I also attached a photo of the two side motors I mentioned above.

Could you please respond a little faster since it is an urgent case?

Thank you for being so helpful, and I sincerely appreciate it.

It may be because the direction of the servo on your right side is reversed (according to your picture). When the servos are running, they are actually working, but the working direction is opposite, and the forces cancel each other out. As a result, it looks like it is not working, but in fact the servo will become very tight, which will easily cause the servo to heat up and be damaged.
You need to change the direction of the right steering gear, and the gears of the steering gear should be at the same level.
Please see the picture for the correct assembly: