PiCar use of Analog Ports

Hi everyone!
I was not able to find any documentation on how to use the analog port of the PiCar (V)
Reading the PCF8591 seem to produce random numbers.
I tried connecting 2.5V to A0 - but no readings (I tried directly with python as well as dragit)
I2C is on - and I can find it under the address 0x48
any hint would be appreciated!

I don’t quite understand what you mean, please describe the problem you want to know carefully.
Analog port: 3-wire 4-channel 8-bit ADC sensor port, reference voltage: 3.3V, VCC voltage: 3.3V.
The address of i2c is 0x48.

sorry that I have not been clear enough

at the analog port there are 3 rows of pins:
black for ground, red for 3.3V and yellow for A0 - A4 which are the analog input pins for the PCF8591.
When I now connect a voltage to the input pin (and ground to ground) I would expect that I can get a reading from the PCF.
The i2c address is 0x48 - confirmed.
Beside connecting to one of the input pins
Is there anything else that needs to be done?

hope that was clearer

thank you!

Sorry, we have stopped maintaining this graphical programming software for many years. It is recommended that you learn from this online document.

I also tried with python code - it still doesnt work.

If only the documentation would be more complete, then I wouldn’t need to bother anyone here. But there is no real documentation for that hats
Anyhow, I can see that support is not a strength of this brand

There is no real documentation for robot hats. If you want to know more about robot hats, we can provide you with the circuit diagram of robot hats.
Regarding your use of python code, doesn’t work?
What code are you executing? Please provide a screenshot of the code execution, and if there is an error, please also provide a screenshot.

How about a table letting us know what pin number to use for the different analog or digital pins on the robot hat of the picar.

You gave us a robot HAT with the Picar-V/Picar-S that has lots of cool pins, but how do we get to them?

We do not have a standard table to represent the pinout of robot hats, but our tutorials do cover it:
We provide you with the circuit diagram of robot hats, you can go through it. Please check the information in your private message.